A simple 10 step method to write an expository paper for school

1) Think about and research what you need to say.
2) Create a logical sequential bullet point outline of what you want to say, with citations.
3) Go back and turn each bullet point into a crystal clear, grammatically correct, SIMPLE declarative sentence.
4) Go back and connect the sentences. You can do this in three ways:
a) Modify each sentence so that each follows from the previous.
b) Combine two adjacent sentences into a compound sentence.
b) Add transitional sentences.
5) Go back and connect the paragraphs, last sentence of previous paragraph to first sentence of the following paragraph usually works.
6) Double check that you have it correct by making sure that no paragraphs or sentences can be reversed in order without screwing up the flow of ideas. Remember that interchangable sentences or paragraphs almost always mean something is wrong.
7) Run your spell/grammar checker and fix your mistakes.
8) Have a friend or colleague proof read it for you and make a change for every problem they notice.
9) Run your spell/grammar checker and fix your mistakes.
10) Either go back to number 8 or declare it finished.


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