Ode to A4 with thanks to Stephen Fry

Two of the best things in Britain are Stephen Fry and A4 paper. One of my favourite books by Fry has inspired me to honour both with an ode. The book, “An Ode LessTravelled” is a very accessible and fun way to learn about poetry in a clear and entertaining way. I now find myself walking around chanting ti tum ti tum ti tum ti tum ti tum and trying to hear the meter of words and sentences. This is not easy for someone as musically challenged as myself. One of the unfortunate results of reading his book is that he asks you write lots of poems along the way. I confess that I have not done every exercise but I have put together a Sapphic ode, anglicised like his examples by Pope. For those who want a clearer description of A4 and it’s useful properties see Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size).

An Ode to A4
(dedicated to Stephen Fry)

The longer page allows more lines,
with extra words and lots more white
to free from letter size confines.
                          More room to write.

To make a perfect ratio
fold halfway down and when you’re through,
dividing width by height will show;
                          square root of two.

From home made cards to poster size,
your image scales with every fold.
A4 requires no compromise.
                       Your message sold.

Why two pads for different tasks?
Too long legal, too fat letter,
One size is not too much ask.
                        A4's better!


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