Who to blame for the Pandemic.

A simple quiz to determine who is responsible for today’s pandemic:

1) Did you support grounding all international flights in January?
2) Did you support grounding all US domestic air travel in early February?
3) Did you support implementing extreme social distancing and quarantine in cities with the first confirmed COVID case in early February?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you share the blame for the problem. The inability of the general population and our politicians to understand and act on science is the problem. The trajectory of the epidemic, the spread of the infections, the ways to contain such viruses have all been well predicted and plans have been in place for decades. This is what happens when we deny the reality of science and science denial becomes an acceptable political position. Science and math tell us the realities that should inform decisions, they are not opinions subject to popular debate.


  1. China is on prowl looking for a candidate nation to fix the blame for the Covid-19 pandemic. The game of finding a villain for the novel coronavirus had begun soon after the viral outbreak started making international headlines late last year. The first targets were those who blamed Chinese eating habits.


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